Here at Redvine International, we have a staff of highly qualified healthcare professionals who have the experience, expertise, and credentials required to provide effective home care services. Not only does our team have the qualifications necessary to provide a high standard of care, but they are incredibly friendly and accommodating as well.

Our Home Care Service

The following are just some of the services you can expect when you request one of our home care service professionals:

Defining Expectations

When you first contact us to request home care services, one of our qualified medical assessors will schedule an appointment with your family at a time that is convenient for you. It is during this scheduled appointment that we will discuss your needs so that we can define what your expectations are as far as what services should be provided through our care.

Monitoring Your Health

With your expectations defined, we will appoint a Certified Nurse Assistant as your primary care professional. All details concerning your health should be covered during the initial meeting, which means that our Certified Nurse Assistant will be able to monitor your health effectively.

Communicating With You

We understand how important clear and regular communication is. People are often worried about the health of their loved ones, as is normal. To help put you and your family at ease, we will keep everyone who you’ve authorized to know your medical status regularly informed about any changes in your health. Additionally, we make sure to keep and record every aspect of our home care service so we can answer any questions you or your family might have about your health.

Providing Medication Reminders

Our Home Care Professionals make sure that our clients take their medication properly and on schedule. They will also ensure that meals are properly cooked and served and will see to any number of other daily tasks, such as doing the laundry, keeping the living space clean and tidy, and more.

Focusing on Longevity and Wellness

One of the primary reasons why we provide home care services is in order to prolong longevity and improve wellness amongst our clients. For example, we focus on improving longevity and wellness by introducing physical activity into our clients’ daily routines by way of moderate exercise. Moderate exercise can help improve many medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, constipation, Alzheimer’s disease, and some forms of dementia.

Signs of Needing Home Care Service

Unfortunately, most people have trouble admitting that they need help or are willing to accept assistance, especially as they age. This means that the responsibility to request home care services generally falls upon family members. Because of this, it’s important that you are able to identify the signs that indicate a loved one needs help performing the activities of daily living. The following are some of those signs:

  • Difficulty keeping track of time
  • Sleeping throughout the day
  • Maintaining a poor diet
  • Losing significant weight
  • Regular changes in mood or mood swings
  • Unexplained bruising on their body
  • Signs of stability issues (such as marks on the walls)
  • Routinely forgetting things, such as appointments or medications
  • Poor use of judgment (falling for scams, giving away money, etc.)